The Power of Community

In high I went to a youth conference called Winter Fest and decided that I wanted to make an impact in my school. So I went back to school that week and talked to a buddy about what God put on my heart, and we began to invite people to pray. Eventually that prayer group became a movement throughout our high school. Through this movement, Jesus was able to save 8 of our fellow classmates and we were able to be a part of something that we prayed for God to do for years! It was one of the most insane, yet awesome thing I have been a part of. We were known as the Jesus Freaks of the school and we loved it!

I tell you this not to brag about my high school days, but to give you context of my relationship with God while entering college. When I came to college I was a Christian, but I was not intentional of finding a community believers like myself. I told myself, “I’ll make it on my own. My relationship with God will still grow and I will continue to live out my faith every day.” I learned quickly that things between God and I were not going as I planned.

I began to fall into sin on a regular basis. I began to grow depressed because I started to feel distant from God and empty. The ONE thing I told myself would not happen, happened within a matter of few weeks. I was desperate. Desperate for God and desperate for friends that will truly love me.

So one day, I decided to that it was time for a change in my life. I knew that I was not meant to be where I was and so I made the decision to go to a campus ministry called The Gathering. There I found a safe place where I can share my struggles and the people around me would love me and help me grow in my faith. I am now in my third year of college and stand here today thanking God for the community He has surround me with. I am encouraged every day to love God and love the people around me. And that love and encouragement is not something I would receive if it was not for my Campus Ministry.

My relationship with Jesus has grown TREMENDOUSLY since I came into college as a freshman. That is something that does not happen very often here at a secular university, but at The Gathering it is the norm. Students from all walks have come and experienced a REAL relationship with Jesus. The Gathering is the movement of Jesus Christ, transforming the world by loving God and loving people.

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