Get Involved

Discipleship Groups

These are small groups led by college students all around campus that meet once per week to learn together to put their trust in Jesus in practical ways. This is the perfect environment to get connected to regular people who want to be honest with each other about their spiritual journey and who desire to experience life transformation. EVERYONE is welcome to these groups!

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Media Team

The Media Team is the backbone of all things you see and hear at many Gathering events. From the soundboard behind the scenes to the lyrics and lighting up front and on the screens, the media team augments and amplifies both the performance of the Worship Team and the people speaking at our events! Also, we collaborate with the Communications Team to give visual aids for various announcements!

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Communications Team

Communication is key in everything we do! Our goal is to spread the word as far as we can so everyone can look at and listen to God. We do this by controlling everything from social media to website design and T-shirt design to flyers and posters and more. We also do our best to update The Gathering on all upcoming events by vocally announcing it on stage, posting it on our calendar and events page online, and keeping everyone up to date on Facebook.

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Worship Team

Our goal is to glorify God’s name, rejoice in the saving power of Jesus Christ, and experience the freedom of the Holy Spirit. The Worship Team has been entrusted with the privilege of creating a space for students to experience God’s presence.

Time commitments: 5 hours per week when scheduled to play. Team members will be assigned to a rotation based on their availability and that of the rest of the worship team. Band members must come prepared for band rehearsal rotation based on the availability of the musician and the number of musicians involved in the Gathering Band.

Applicants must submit video of themselves performing a song with a band or over the following email: