Finding my Home

You know the saying “Home is where the heart is”? Well, my first two years of college I felt that I didn’t have a home. Now I wouldn’t say that I was depressed, but I felt that I didn’t belong. I didn’t really have any friends, and the only person I was able to confide in was my girlfriend, Ashley. The summer of my Freshman year, I came to know Christ and I found a new purpose in my life. However, I would soon come to realize the struggles of being a Christian in an environment that is so consumed with the world . College parties, alcohol, sex, these are a few of the things I tried to avoid because I didn’t see Christ in them. With my girlfriend being the only Christian I knew, I saw my faith falter often. My Sophomore year was beginning to feel worse than my Freshman year because I felt even more alone than I did before since it seemed like my girlfriend and I were the only Christians on campus. The Spring semester of Sophomore year, I went back to my hometown so that I could do my Co-op for my major. It was during this time that my girlfriend was introduced to the Gathering. She told me about how great it was and told me I needed to come check it out. When I was finally able to come, it blew my expectations out the water. I was honestly expecting to come in and see a group of weird people that I wouldn’t be able to relate to, but boy was I wrong! Everyone that I met was awesome in their own way, and I couldn’t wait to hang out with them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect with the Gathering as much as I wanted since I was back at my hometown for the semester, but when Junior year came around, I was finally able to be more involved. Seeing everyone’s love of Christ convicted me to better my relationship with Him. At this point I felt that I finally had some true friends that were also able to help me in my walk with Christ. The great thing is, we’re not just a group that meets on Thursday nights, we’re more like a family! Now I can say I feel at home.









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